Gläserne Molkerei’s Hay Milk – sustainable inside and out

Published on: 25.06.2019

The fresh organic 3.8% fat hay milk is launched in 1 litre, and 500ml Pure-Pak® Sense cartons, and is also launched with a longer shelf life. “We are an organic dairy, and therefore sustainability is very important to us,” said Gläserne Molkerei’s Marketing Manager, Josephine Wedekind.

“We chose the Natural Brown Board carton as it delivers several benefits for our premium hay milk with an extended shelf life.” Organic hay milk was originally launched in 2009 by Gläserne Molkerei and was traditionally produced and not homogenized. The new hay milk is gently microfiltered which leads to a longer shelf life.

“Hay milk cows live on organic farms with appropriate grazing. In the summer they get mainly juicy grass and herbs fresh from the pasture and in the winter, delicious hay. Silage is completely forbidden”

Josephine Wedekind

“Organic hay milk is produced by the traditional and most natural form of milk production and the aromatic ingredients of the feed ensure the good taste of hay milk. “Thanks to the gentle and natural way of farming our hay milk, together with our farmers we make a positive contribution to biodiversity and our landscape. With the Natural Brown Board carton, we ensure that our milk is not just sustainable from the inside but also from the outside.

Gläserne Molkerei relaunched its brand with redesigned packaging last year, but the launch of Hay Milk in Pure-Pak® cartons with Natural Brown Board sees a slight change to the design, using illustration rather than photography. This minimizes the use of full-surfaced colors so that the Natural Brown Board of the carton shines through.

Elopak worked closely with Gläserne Molkerei’s creative agency to ensure that colours used in the design worked correctly with the Natural Brown Board.