Our flexible filling machine series

Our Shikoku flex machines series, provide efficient and reliable solutions for Fresh and Extended Shelf Life chilled distribution.

Our Shikoku flex machines series, provide efficient and reliable solutions for Fresh and Extended Shelf Life chilled distribution.

Our machines come with different production capacities and will fill a wide range of pack sizes and shapes. In addition, machines are adapted and certified to meet various geographical standards.

Introducing the next generation filling equipment

Get to know the new S-PSF140UCe filling machine that enables optimal shelf life for products with chilled distribution. Designed to keep food safe and fresh until it reaches the consumer.

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Chilled Applications

  • Fresh and ESL
  • High and low acid
  • board options for light or oxygen sensitive products (fermented products or fresh juices)
  • combi-filler for higher viscosity products like yoghurts, soups or dessert creams, as well as products containing particles
High Efficiency

Case studies show that installations are quick, and an average 98% mechanical efficiency over several months. We have different machine capacity options to match your needs and a low waste rate for lean and sustainable operations. Importantly, machines have a small foot print, without stand-alone components for efficient use of floor space.

Reliable filling

Our State-of-the-art top and bottom sealing ensures reliable protection of your product. Reliability also comes from tested and validated combinations of closures, blanks and machine forming and one single point of contact.

Flexible in operations

With up to 6 pre-set sizes, quick and automatic change-overs for minimal time and waste, machines can increase efficiency for growing portfolios.

Easy to use

A user-friendly touch screen enables easy product selection. In addition alarms and graphics provide quick and easy troubleshooting whilst standard interfaces bring quick integration up and downstream to the shop floor and ERP systems.

Integrated data capturing

The Integrated data capturing system with remote access and automatic reporting of KPIs allows proactive and continuous improvements. Crucially, machines have a hygienic design with minimal manual cleaning for reduced risks of contamination.

Flexible in applications

Likewise, independent lanes and a high viscous filler allowing separate operations on each line for different sizes, shapes, speeds and products. Additionally, the carton footprint or closure size can be changed, assuring long term flexibility for future market needs.

Chilled Filling Machine Offering

  • volume:
Carton cross sections (in mm): volume:
57mm x 57mm 0,25 L – 0,5 L
70mm x 70mm 0,2 L – 1,136 L
91×91/ 96×70/ 96x96mm 1,5 L – 2 L

We adapt our machines to meet local standards for example required by Europe and North America.
Please contact our Sales Team to discuss your specific needs.