Aiming to reduce the environmental impact of water packaging

Fontsoria drives its strategy for more responsible water packaging forward with the launch of its Agua enCaja Mejor brand in Pure-Pak® cartons with plant-based renewable polymers from sugar cane.

Aiming to reduce the environmental impact of water packaging, Fontsoria launched Agua enCaja Mejor, meaning “Water in a Box is Better” in 2017. The product was a new approach for water packaging in Spain, and the company has seen sales more than double with products now sold through food service and specialized channels with key customers.

Marketed with the slogan: “Choose Better, Choose Carton”, the water is drawn from a spring at the Castle of Gormaz in the province of Soria, Castile and León, Spain and filled in 330ml and 500ml Pure-Pak® Mini cartons, chosen for their reduced plastic content and low carbon footprint, making them one of the most responsible solutions available on the market.

As one of the pioneer companies to introduce natural spring water in cartons to the Spanish market, Fontsoria has responded to rising demands for sustainable packaging and has further improved its Pure-Pak® Mini cartons, increasing the renewable content up to 94%.

The plastic in the cartons is fully renewable and based on feedstock sourced from Brazil, where sugarcane can grow in areas that other crops cannot. Sugarcane is one of the most efficient plants in converting sunlight to energy and hence is a sustainable, fast-growing renewable resource. This latest addition follows Fontsoria’s decision to support the reduction of global warming and to offer Carbon Neutral® Pure-Pak® cartons.

“With the demand from the market for more sustainable packaging escalating, especially for water products, we will continue to improve the environmental profile of Agua enCaja Mejor”


“For this, we are working in close partnership with Elopak to constantly develop our packaging to be more responsible and further reduce our impact on the world.”

“In Elopak we approach the sustainability of our packages holistically throughout the value chain, working to improve recycling, reduce CO2 emissions and increase renewable material content,” says Marina Bortoletto, Marketing Director in South Europe in Elopak.

As with all Pure-Pak® cartons, AguaencajaMejor can be recycled into new products. The cartons are certified in accordance to Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) requirements and made with board from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. (FSC license code FSC™ C081801). Also, cartons are shipped flat to the spring, releasing significantly less pollution than transporting empty plastic bottles.

Plant for the Planet

Reinforcing Fontsoria’s commitment to the planet, 10% of its profits are donated to reforestation projects through ‘Plant for the Planet’. The company also has the ‘Plant your tree’ promotion where it pledges to plant a tree on behalf of each consumer who posts a picture featuring an Agua en Caja Mejor carton on social media using the hashtag #PlantaTuCaja.