TINE gets nostalgic with classic milk carton

TINE’s milk cartons are already 100% renewable, however to further reduce its climate footprint, in September 2020, TINE has launched its organic milk in an even more environmentally friendly carton with a touch of nostalgia. Norway’s leading dairy has replaced its renewable plastic closure with a classic carton opening – which many will know as “fold out and bend all the way back”.

TINE is the first dairy in Norway to remove the renewable plastic cap,” says Bjørn Malm, head of sustainability at TINE. “We are incredibly excited about how the Norwegian people respond to the new modern version of our nostalgic carton.”

A journey with the Norwegian people
TINE lives by nature and is completely dedicated to taking care of the environment. That is why all TINE’s milk cartons are 100% renewable. Norwegian consumers demand more environmentally friendly packaging, and TINE aims to give them that. “In 2016, TINE was one of the first to use milk cartons from 100% plant-based renewable material. As a step forward in our continuous efforts to reduce our climate footprint, our organic milk is now in 1 litre Pure-Pak® carton with Natural Brown Board. It provides a more environmentally friendly carton with an even lower carbon footprint than conventional cartons,” continues Bjørn Malm. Bjørn stresses that it is essential that a major player like TINE contributes to a more environmentally friendly development. He hopes TINE can inspire both the industry and the Norwegian people to join the journey towards even more and better environmentally friendly solutions.

“The fact is that we are better today than yesterday, but not quite as good as we will be tomorrow. By removing the renewable plastic cap on TINE’s organic milk, we reduce our plastic consumption by at least 5 tonnes every year,” says Bjørn.

Both functional and environmentally friendly
The classic cartons in Natural Brown Board with “fold out and bend all the way back” opening had a long life on Norwegian breakfast tables. The first edition was produced in 1959, but the carton was introduced to the Norwegian people on a large scale from the early 1980s.
“TINE’s milk carton is our faithful everyday hero. Every detail has been carefully thought through, and so it is this time with our new look cartons. Closure or no closure has no influence on durability of the pack. As long as the carton closes, the milk stays fresh and ready to drink,” says Bjørn.

“The carton has many have memories of days gone by, but it is also an improved edition in terms of functionality. The open and close feature is perfected down to the smallest detail. “In addition, it may be a good conversation around the breakfast table with both small and large people recalling TINE’s packaging from previous days, bringing more awareness to our environmentally friendly solutions today,” says Bjørn Malm from TINE.

“Elopak is proud of its heritage with the original Pure-Pak® carton and it brings much nostalgia, especially to Norwegians,” adds Andreas Weselka, Key Account Manager, Elopak. “We are constantly developing the Pure-Pak® carton, including reducing plastic content whilst still improving ease of use and convenience for the consumer.”