Teas are brewing in new markets

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CEO and general manager of tbottlers GmbH, Mr. Claus- Christian Diers, spoke to Elotalk about their widening range of organic brewed teas and its history of bringing natural products to German consumers.

Privately owned, tbottlers has been operating since 1876. Today the company operates from a production site between Goitzsche and Wörlitzer Gartenreich, where it also produces fruit juice, syrup and spirits.

“We are a small company, but with a special product portfolio and teas really at the heart of our business,” says Claus-Christian Diers.
The range of our organic brewed teas is branded Hessler & Herrmann, after the company’s two founders. “Hessler & Herrmann was originally a company in Raguhn – Anhalt selling herbal and spice extracts, and today we proudly put the brand on our organic brews.”

First introduced in 2011, there is now a wide range of 8 H&H teas and 24 flavours for private labels and other trademarks brewed using only natural ingredients.

“These are anything but typical ice teas; this is quality tea from China, India, and Japan that is brewed to per-fection. It took some time to develop the best process to deliver the same brew every time – with no added flavors or ingredients, for a pure, natural taste.”

The teas have been sold in 1 liter Pure-Pak® cartons since 2014. “We had problems with the logistics and the sustain ability of glass bottles and decided to move to Elopak cartons, which we have used for our juice prod-ucts since 2005.”

The teas are sold in Germany and also in Switzerland, Austria, and parts of the Netherlands featuring many varieties for all tastes including green teas, fruit teas, black teas, white teas, and rooibos teas. Distributed through retailers, the teas are also available through foodservice distribution such as self-serve restaurants. The well-known Libehna juice range has been pro-duced in Raguhn – Anhalt since 1940, with many new fla-vours, mixes, and new tastes added over those 80 years. Libehna juices today include black currant, banana, peach and buckthorn in addition to the classics of orange, apple and tomato juice. “We are continually innovating our juices, all of which are made with no
additives,” adds Claus-Christian.

“This is a good quality package that delivers a huge range of juices safely and is a perfectly sustainable and robust pack for our organic brewed teas.”

The online health and wellness community was joined in February 2020 by WYLLIT, founded by ex-world heavyweight boxer Dr. Wladimir Klitschko. WYLLIT centers on both physical and mental health and helps consumers cope with the pressures of modern life by following four steps Vladimir developed during his sporting career – focus, agility, coordination and endurance. A big part of the support offered by WYLLIT is based on nutrition. Visitors to wyllit.com can buy specially created food products, including a range of 4 organic green teas packaged in 330ml Mini Pure-Pak® cartons – co-packed by Elopak’s long-standing customer in Germany tbottlers GmbH.