Now is the time to switch to cartons

Freshways launches its first fresh milk carton in the UK.

Freshways launches its first fresh milk carton in the UK.

UK Dairy Freshways has announced that it will introduce its first ever fresh milk carton in response to increasing concerns and regulations around plastic. The expanding dairy has until now only delivered its range of high-quality fresh milks in plastic bottles but is set to launch its Love Milk range in early 2022 in carbon neutral Pure-Pak® cartons.

“With all of the problems around plastic now is the time to switch to cartons,” explains Bali Nijjar, Managing Director of Freshways. “Elopak supported the move with technical and design advice and provide cartons with many environmental benefits. Our cartons will be carbon neutral, fully recyclable and made with paperboard sourced from FSC™ certified forests plus caps based on renewable PE.”

Based in Acton, London, the independent and family-run Freshways is one of the largest suppliers of dairy across the UK. The company supplies fresh high-quality milk, cream, yoghurt and cheese to wholesalers, cafes, hotels, retailers, and bakeries. The installation of two filling machines will shortly begin at Freshways’s factory in Southampton with plans to install two more lines as further milk products are switched from plastic bottles to carbon-neutral cartons.

“We are bringing cartons onto the market in answer to the UK government plans to introduce a plastic packaging tax in 2022 amidst growing environmental concerns,” adds Bali Nijjar. “It is our responsibility as a major dairy supplier to the UK to help reduce the damage to the environment from plastic waste, and with the support of Elopak we will do this one milk carton at a time. Love milk and Love the planet.”