Update on the situation in Ukraine – 5 May 2022

In Ukraine we have a small office in Kyiv and a factory in Fastiv producing Roll Fed cartons and employing 151 employees.

The plant in Fastiv was temporarily closed on 24th February 2022. In April we resumed some small-scale production in Fastiv to supply customers in Ukraine in support of efforts to maintain supplies of essential goods in the country. This came in response to requests from local and central governments in Ukraine. The decision was led by Elopak management in Ukraine and has the full support of our senior leadership in Norway. The office in Kyiv is still closed.

Before reopening the plant, we undertook a comprehensive risk assessment that prioritised the personal safety and security of our employees in Ukraine. We ensured compliance with all applicable security, risk and safety requirements and labour laws, including providing a clear evacuation plan and suitable shelter for employees in the event of an emergency. Since reopening, Elopak continues to evaluate the risks of operation on an ongoing basis.

As a company we are heartened by the determination our colleagues in Ukraine have shown for restarting production in the country. Konstantin Gavrilyuk, Plant Manager at the factory in Fastiv, explained, “At the Fastiv plant we have been strongly advocating the decision to resume production. For many of us we have been working at Elopak for a long time and are keen to continue with our work. It was a difficult time to resume production and we had to make a big team effort to get operations going again.”

Anya Yavorskaya, Market Unit Manager for Elopak Ukraine, added, “Elopak products support the critical food industry and my team and I recognise the importance of our mission in helping to deliver these products to all Ukrainians, especially those in the most difficult areas where people are starving,”