NordseeMilch launches first tethered cap from Elopak

Elopak’s long established customer NordseeMilch eG was the first customer to launch Elopak’s new Pure-TwistFlip™ cap.

Elopak’s long established customer NordseeMilch eG was the first customer to launch Elopak’s new Pure-TwistFlip™ cap.

Tethered Caps – Firmly connected for the future

The animal welfare milk from the North Frisia region, is the first Pure-Pak® carton to meet the requirements of the Single-Use Plastics Directive (EU Directive 2019/904), which will apply from 2024. For the dairy, the launch strongly supports its consistent focus on producing the most environmentally-friendly products and packaging as possible. The tethered cap is lighter than the previous closure, thus helping to further reduce the use of plastics. The Pure-TwistFlip™ is also characterized by maximum user-friendliness and is fully recyclable where recycling facilities are in place.

“We drive innovation in all areas of our company. Innovations such as the natural brown carton from Elopak or now the tightly bonded closures fit perfectly with our regional brand and the growing demand for fresh dairy products. ” Christoph Bossmann, Managing Director of NordseeMilch eG.

Sustainability and convenience

The new closure remains reliably connected to the packaging and can be recycled together with the cartons. The cap has been designed to be both convenient and environmentally friendly. The practical, almost intuitive twist-flip closure is easy to use, even for children and the seniors. After opening, it can be positioned as desired, so that the cap does not interfere with pouring.

“The change to our new Pure-TwistFlip™ cap can be implemented on existing filling lines with relatively little technical and time expenditure. With the professional support of our on-site team of technicians, we will make the transition to this new generation of lids as easy as possible for our customers,” says Wolfgang Buchkremer, Chief Technology Officer at Elopak.

Preferred by consumers

Consumer testing clearly shows a preference for the Pure-TwistFlip™ cap, with 67% stating it was their first choice compared to today´s carton closures. Direct comments from consumers are also positive referring to both the environmental and practical benefits:

“It is s the best solution for me, but not because of the environment but out of pure practicality. I like to have everything in one place.”

“I think it is better for the environment if the closure stays on the package.”

For NordseeMilch, sustainability packaging is just as crucial as the quality of its new milk. “Animal welfare and more sustainable milk production are very important to us. But equally sustainable packaging is needed to position and market our products accordingly. As one of the innovation leaders in the German dairy industry, we want to fly the flag and bring the new tethered closures to the market,” adds Christoph Bossmann.