System solutions for ambient products

Milk, juice, concentrate and plant based drinks. Many of them have traditionally been packaged in plastics. Times are changing, and now we know that fiber-based packaging can help your brand stand out in new ways, with 360 degrees of unique communication space.

Our award-winning Pure-Pak® Sense is not only the best packaging to keep your product fresh for longer, but it is also a winner of numerous consumer tests. Pure-Pak® Sense offers you the opportunity to position your product as a modern, high-quality, and sustainable choice.

Renewable raw materials
Consumer convenience
Reduced emission
Optimized recycling
Long shelf life
Premium look and feel

Packaging that matters

Spark the consumer’s desire at first glance! By filling your high-quality product in sustainable packaging, you make it easy for consumers to make the right choice.

The Pure-Pak® Sense Aseptic carton is a contemporary pack with improved appearance and functionality that both looks and feels authentic and natural. With a printed top fin and smooth front, the packaging stands out as modern and tall on the shelf and offers an extended branding opportunity through the unique communication surface.

Pure-Pak® Sense Aseptic carton is carefully designed with clean folding crease lines, making sure the consumers can empty all the contents and reduce food waste. Additionally, the embedded folding lines makes the carton easier to fold and recycle.

Our planet’s scarce resources are approaching their physical and ecological limits. We need to do more with less resources. Our fully recyclable cartons can turn into new products, such as tissue paper and cardboard boxes, creating further value without straining the Earth’s resources.

Key features of Pure-Pak® Sense Aseptic

Reduce plastic

Long shelf life

To meet customers demands, choose the packaging option which preserves nutritional values and increases shelf life.

Reduced plastics

Ensure your product is filled in a packaging with less plastics, ultimately enabling consumers to make responsible choices.

Fully recyclable

To create further value, opt for fully recyclable cartons that can turn into new products such as cardboard boxes and tissue paper.

Size options

The Pure-Pak® Sense carton comes in two different cross sections and fill-sizes, from 500 ml up to 2000 ml. All versions can be combined with our wide selection of environmental features, creating the most sustainable packaging solutions on the market.

500 ml
750 ml
1000 ml
1500 ml
1750 ml
2000 ml

Pure-Pak® Sense is suitable for both low- and high acid products, like plant based drinks, milk, flavoured milk, and juice.

Plant based
Shelf life

Longer shelf life means less food waste. Depending on the product, you can enjoy up to 12 months shelf life when you choose Pure-Pak® Sense.

up to 12 months

“Making Robinsons available in this new format allows consumers to feel confident in the knowledge that the pack they’ve chosen has more serves, but used less packaging per serve, and can be recycled once finished.”

Fiona Graham, Innovation lead for Robinson

Cap or closure free: Your choice

Our Pure-TwistFlip closures are designed for products in ambient distribution. You can also choose to go cap-free with Easy-opening, our most environmentally friendly option.

Openings for aseptic cartons

Boards and barriers

Our different board structures are designed to secure the integrity of the product as well as protecting the product from external environments.

Explore our boards and barriers

Form, fill and seal with modern and easy to use filling machines

Our filling machine platform features a unique modular design for exceptional flexibility in installation, operation and maintenance.


Our aseptic filling equipment

Other options for aseptic cartons

Our most sustainable aseptic carton
Our most sustainable aseptic carton

Pure-Pak® eSense Aseptic

Reduce your carbon footprint with up to 50% and unlock the benefits of a fully renewable aseptic carton with our aluminium-free packaging.

Pure-Pak® eSense Aseptic