System solutions for chilled products

Filling machine for chilled cartons

With up to six pre-set sizes, quick and automated changeovers for minimal waste and maximal speed, the machines can increase efficiency for growing portfolios.

High efficiency

Exceptional flexibility

Reliable filling

Introducing the next generation filling equipment

New opportunities

Reach new markets and consumers with products with extended shelf life.

Best protection

For the operators, the products and your brand.

Reduced planet impact

Secure a more efficient production, less food waste and higher return on your produce.

Key features of S-PSF140UCe

Exceptional hygiene level

A new innovative HEPA air management system provides a unidirectional airflow inside the machine’s UC-zone. This protects the open carton after filling and provides longer shelf life for your product.

The number of moving parts in the wet zone have been reduced, also reducing the complexity. This enables automatic cleaning and sterilization. The CIP/SIP processes are quicker and fully automated.

Reliable filling and sealing

The machine is designed to optimize hygiene performance and avoid human errors in a complete, closed and fully automated system. The state of the art filling machine is made of robust stainless steel parts to the highest quality standard.

The dual step heating minimize stress on the polymers and creates the ideal foundation for optimal carton integrity on any chosen board and polymer structure.

Highly flexible in operation

A dual line enables a very high flexibility in operation, allowing you to run different products, cartons or opening solutions on each line at the same time.

You can, for instance, fill skimmed milk on a Pure-Pak® Classic carton with Easy Opening on one line, and Pure-Pak® Sense with whole milk and Pure-TwistFlip™ on the other line.

The next generation filling machine

Compatible product applications

The machine is compatible with a wide range of chilled product applications. Both high and low viscous products, such as dairy, plantbased, juice, nectars, soft drinks and non-carbonated water, can be filled on this machine. This includes products with particles.

Size and capacity offering

14 000

Dual line capacity per hour

7 000

Single line capacity per hour


Standard cross section

Reducing food waste

The machine is built with high precision, ensuring efficient switches between products and reducing waste during the filling process.

The exceptional hygiene level of the machine provides longer shelf life for your products, which allows more time for distribution and consumption of your products, ultimately reducing food waste.

Improved safety for operators and service engineers

The machine has a clean design providing easy access for operators and service engineers during maintenance and service. Hands-free cleaning protects operators from chemicals.

Our decentralized structure of service engineers offering lifetime support ensures a seamless operation for our customers, with focus on high production efficiency, food safety and predictability of costs.

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