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Less plastic

Packaging is the most effective way of communicating brand values. Since the majority of all purchasing decisions are made at point of sale, it’s crucial that your product is presented in a container that immediately grabs the consumers’ attention.

That being said, we know it takes more than just pretty packaging to get noticed. The natural look and feel of our fiber-based cartons offer a premium consumer experience that alternative packaging can’t match. We even have the awards to prove it!

Renewable raw materials
Reduced emission
Optimized recycling
Less plastic
Bio circular polymers
Consumer convenience
In-store visibility

Packaging that matters

There are a variety of factors that can influence consumer behaviour. Presenting a product that stands out and conveys your brand’s benefits is crucial to make sure the consumer will even consider buying your product. With a 360-degree communication space, cartons provide an advantage plastic bottles simply cannot match.

For over a century, we have developed our cartons to be the most sustainable packaging on the market. With leading design features and by constantly improving our use of materials, our cartons are optimized for recycling and reducing emissions.

Consumers are looking for ways to make environmentally friendly choices without compromising on quality. Make sure you keep your customer’s desires in mind when you choose your next packaging solution.

Key features of D-PAK

Stand out on shelf

Consumers are constantly met with endless choices and little time to make them. With a set of tasteful design features, your product stands out on the shelf, enabling consumers to make the best choice – for themselves and for the planet.

Reduce plastics

What do our planet and consumers have in common? They want environmentally friendly products. One of the most impactful ways to reduce plastic waste is by choosing fiber-based cartons.

Fully recyclable

To create further sustainability value, opt for our fully recyclable cartons that can turn into new products such as cardboard boxes and tissue paper.

Size options

The D-PAK carton comes in many fill-sizes and two different cross sections, from 500 ml to 2000 ml, and can be combined with all our optional environmental features for the most sustainable package solutions.

500 ml
750 ml
1000 ml
1500 ml
1750 ml
2000 ml

D-PAK is suitable for gentle liquid home care products.

Dish wash
Fabric softener

“We know that plastic is a big issue for our customers and we are always looking for ways to reduce plastic in our packaging.”

Sophie Bramley, Innovations manager at SMOL

Open and close. Safe and convenient.

Our Pure-Twist™ closures are designed for convenience and safety. All caps are clearly labelled with a “do not drink” symbol, and you can choose if you want a standard or tethered cap. The printed label offers an additional communication possibility to further elevate your brand.

Boards and barriers

Our different board structures are designed to secure the integrity of the carton as well as protecting the product from external environments.

Explore our boards and barriers

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D-PAK personal Care

Packaging plays a pivotal role in communicating your brand’s commitment to sustainability.