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D-PAK Personal care

A sustainable choice

Consumers want products addressing their actual needs, as well as brands celebrating their individuality. Packaging is more than just a container to transport essentials to consumers. It’s a conscious choice on how you present and position your brand.

A way to convey values and benefits, a way to attract consumers, and a way to communicate how your product fulfils their needs; great packaging offers much more than just the practicality of transport.

Renewable raw materials
Reduced emission
Optimized recycling
Less plastic
In-store visibility
Made of wood fibers
Premium look and feel

Packaging that matters

One of the most pressing issues we face as a modern society is plastic littering. From the highest mountain to the deepest sea, microplastics can be found everywhere. By changing from plastic to fiber-based cartons, brands get to state their environmental priorities and ambitions – a statement consumers want and celebrate.

The only way forward is to make more from less. An effective way to lower greenhouse gas emissions is to reduce the use of harmful materials such as plastic. By using renewable materials and producing fully recyclable cartons, we are able to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the end product. Even after use, the carton provides benefits. A recycled carton can be turned in to new products, such as cardboard boxes and tissue paper, creating additional value in our society’s circular economy.

Key features of D-PAK

Reduce plastic

Communication possibilities

The packaging sets the tone. With communication surfaces beyond what any plastic bottle could offer, you can assure consumers that your product is the right choice for them.

Reduce plastics

Make sure your product is filled in a packaging with reduced plastics, and let your consumer make the responsible choice.

Brand positioning

Consumers are constantly met with endless choices and little time to make them. With a set of tasteful design features, your product stands out on the shelf, enabling consumers to make the best choice – for themselves and for the planet.

Size options

The D-PAK carton comes in many fill-sizes and two different cross sections, from 500 ml to 1000 ml, and can be combined with all our optional environmental features for the most sustainable package solutions.

500 ml
750 ml
1000 ml
1500 ml
1750 ml
2000 ml

D-PAK is suitable for a wide range of liquid personal care products.

Mouth wash
Shower gel
Hand wash
Bubble bath

“Mouthwashes are a perfect example of everyday products that are consumed in a short period of time. Usually, they are offered in containers made of hard plastic with a long degradation time in the environment.”

DR. Louis Bahlmann, dentist and co-founder of LUORO

Open and close. Safe and convenient.

Our Pure-Twist™ closures are designed for convenience and safety. All caps are clearly labelled with a “do not drink” symbol, and you can choose if you want a standard or tethered cap. The printed label offers an additional communication possibility to further elevate your brand.

Boards and barriers

Our different board structures are designed to secure the integrity of the carton as well as protecting the product from external environments.

Explore our boards and barriers

Other solutions for soaps and washes

D-PAK home

Fill your product in a packaging that immediately catches the consumer’s eye.

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