Arla launches organic fresh milk in a more sustainable carton

“Our organic milk deserves the right packaging” Packaging plays a key role in protecting the quality and freshness of products, and Arla is committed to minimizing waste related to its production.

That’s why Arla Foods is working to find better ways to get more out of less, and aiming to use only recyclable packaging while increasing the amount of renewably sourced materials such as paper fibers and bio plastics. As part of Arla Food’s action for a more climate-friendly and ecological future, it has launched new and more sustainable cartons for its organic meadow fresh milk across Germany. The world’s largest producer of organic milk, is launching these new cartons with the bold strapline ‘Time for a change’ and is asking consumers ‘Do you want to make a difference?

“Our organic milk deserves the right packaging,” explains Elise Bijkerk, Arla Germany. “The Pure-Pak® carton with Natural Brown Board has one less layer of coating and therefore uses less materials and chemicals in its production, thus enabling Arla to take another step closer to achieving its green ambition.”

Arla Foods is now bringing Arla fresh organic meadow milk to the shelves in one liter Pure-Pak® cartons with Natural Brown Board. Made with one less layer, the new cartons are just as durable and stable as the standard cartons, ensuring the right quality packaging to secure the quality of the milk. “Arla wants to lead the way in sustainability. We want to improve every part of the value chain, from the cow to the consumer. Packaging plays an important role here. In this way, we can make a positive contribution via a more sustainable solution,” adds Elise Bijkerk.

For their meadow milk the Arla Bio Farms ensure whenever possible that their cows graze on green meadows, eating fresh grass, herbs, and clover. The cows graze for six hours a day for at least 120 days a year, from spring through to autumn. “Our organic philosophy contributes to our green ambition that we set for ourselves.”