Range of packages

  • We are confident that beverage cartons are the most sustainable packaging alternative in the market. Pure-Pak® is always a good choice and with our sustainability options you have the possibility to go even further.
Less plastic

Plastic causes issues related to climate, health and littering. Pure-Pak® cartons keep products fresh using significantly less plastic than alternative containers. We are constantly working to reduce the amount of plastics content to remain the preferred choice of responsible businesses.

Lower carbon emissions

Pure-Pak® cartons are made from renewable sources with low carbon footprint by nature. In our manufacturing we only use renewable electricity and we are continously increasing our material efficiency. The flattened shape also means more efficient distribution.

Less fossil fuels

Pure-Pak® cartons consist of on average 75% paperboard, which is naturally made from a renewable resource that grows back: the forest. Renewable packaging has low carbon footprint than fossil-based alternatives and safeguards resources for generations to come.

Go closure- free

We offer a wide range of carton sizes and cross-sections with Easy Opening, so that you can stay at the forefront of sustainable packaging.

The way we source and manufacture our cartons delivers climate protection that other packaging types can’t match. The Pure-Pak® carton is naturally low carbon. We are continuously further reducing the carbon footprint of Pure-Pak® cartons.

Well-managed forests absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and therefore play an important role in the carbon cycle. Since Elopak’s main raw material is derived from forests, we take responsible forest management seriously. All our paperboard is sourced from legal and acceptable managed forests.

LESS PLASTIC: In general, Pure-Pak® cartons use significantly less plastic than alternative containers.