Crediton first to bring Pure-Pak® Sense Aseptic cartons to the UK

Despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic, Crediton Dairy has become the first UK company to install a Pure-Pak® Aseptic line, with the first products hitting the shelves this year.

“Production on the new line began in mid-February just before the pandemic, which meant that our Elopak engineering team from Germany had to fly home in March,” says Tim Smiddy, MD, Crediton Dairy.

Despite this delaying operations, Crediton launched its first products in Pure-Pak® Aseptic cartons this summer. Long-life milk brands Moo and Dairy Pride have been re-launched in the Pure-Pak® Aseptic cartons, in both 1 liter and 500 ml packs.

“One of the reasons for purchasing the Pure-Pak® Aseptic filling machine is that it is designed for 500 ml size cartons in addition to 1 liter packs,” says Tim. “This is a very attractive carton, in both sizes. We looked at all the options, but this is the best carton on the market today. And with the new aseptic carton, we have been able to replace the ring pull cap disliked by consumers.”

In addition to a £3 M investment in the new aseptic line, Crediton Dairy spent a further £4 million on building a new filling hall. “As it can fill both 1 liter and 500ml carton sizes, the new machine has replaced two fillers, and with the new building, we have space for three machines in total – all with the capability for different sized cartons.”

Crediton is set to switch more of its products to be filled on the new lines, including all its lactose-free milk drinks, more organic milks, its high-value cream products, and the products it produces under license, including Flora Pro-Active. “This is an evolving operation, and other Pure-Pak® cartons will be added, including the Pure-Pak® Sense with the large closure,” adds Tim. “The functionality of the carton works well and will help our customers be more sustainable and reduce plastic waste.”

This is the second big investment by Crediton in Elopak filling technology, following the installation of an ESL filler five years ago. “We have always been a carton company. There is huge pressure on manufacturers for packaging to be more sustainable and recyclable, but also convenient with high functionality,” says Tim.

“The new line brings us a totally new concept with a really attractive carton with the flexibility for more sizes and formats,” adds Tim. “We are now able to fill a growing amount of volume on the aseptic filler in both attractive and sustainable packaging.”

“This is the second big investment by Crediton in Elopak filling technology, following the installation of an ESL filler five years ago”