Boxed Water is now EVEN Better.

The best packaging in North America just went full color.

It is now over a decade since Boxed Water is Better® was launched in the US as the leading sustainable alternative to plastic bottles and aluminum cans. A pioneer in the campaign against global plastic waste, today Boxed Water™ has entered a new era for forest-based packaging, reducing reliance on fossil fuels for a better planet.

In January 2021, four new flavored waters were launched by Boxed Water™, marking a pivotal milestone for the Michigan-based company which is clearly stated on the new range’s 500ml Pure-Pak® cartons – Boxed Water is Even Better. However, the new flavours are only a small part of why Boxed Water is Even Better, as other significant milestones demonstrate.

Through its #betterplanet campaign launched in 2016 with the National Forest Foundation, Boxed Water™ recently celebrated the planting of its millionth tree. Plus, the introduction of a cap made from renewable materials, enabling a 92% forest-based carton.

“The new flavors land at an exciting and critical time,” says Robert Koenen, CMO for Boxed Water™. “Consumers were looking for something healthy, tasty and more sustainable than ever to kick off 2021 and to support a better planet. Beyond the ‘new normal’ we are working towards a ‘renewed normal’ that sets a brighter and higher standard with the most renewable option in the water aisle.”

Robert Koenen, CMO for Boxed Water™

With the new flavored water range moving Boxed Water™ into the juice drinks aisle, a fruit-inspired colorful design moves away from the now-iconic black and white cartons. The much anticipated four flavored waters featuring Lemon, Blackberry, Cucumber, and Grapefruit were launched in the 500ml Pure-Pak® cartons and sold out within a few weeks, exceeding all expectations.

“It has been a remarkably overwhelming positive response, boosting sales across all our products,” adds Rob. “Obviously, more people are getting away from plastic bottles, with the appetite growing for sustainable solutions as well as tasty, healthy and refreshing new waters.”

Another key driver is brand partnerships. “Today, we have a tonne of successful partnerships,” adds Rob. “In the early days, we had to practically beg for attention because people had become plastic blind. Now they are beating a path to our door, and everyone knows plastic is made from oil. With our many valuable partnerships, we are spreading awareness, and now the issue of plastic pollution is mainstream.”

The proof is out there –the Box Water Is Better Life Cycle Assessment research conducted in 2020 compared boxed water with alternative packaging of premium water demonstrates clearly that Boxed Water™ really is better.

“We commissioned an LCA, because we wanted to look into the mirror and see what aspects of our carton do the most damage to the environment,” explains Rob. “The study compares the production of plastic bottles, aluminium cans and Boxed Water™ cartons and also their environmental impact.”

The findings clearly show that Boxed Water™ has a lower impact in every category compared to plastic and a lower total environmental profile than aluminum cans. “The production of plastic bottles is drastically worse on our ozone. They have 18 times more impact on ozone depletion than Boxed Water™, and the blow moulding of plastic has twice the global impact.”

The LCA results indicated that aluminium has a 200% more carbon footprint than Boxed Water™ due to its refining and smelting processes.

“These results are a clear demonstration of how we have used the tools and technology from Elopak to improve our business. With the introduction of the cap made from forest waste, our cartons are now 92% renewable, where none of the competition reaches over 90%. The next step is launching a 100% renewable, forest-based and Alu-free carton replacing the aluminium barrier with EVOH, which is known to be the most environmentally friendly barrier.”

“We have the proof that Boxed Water is Better® in Pure-Pak® cartons is better than plastic for the environment, but also the optimum pack for the water itself,” adds Rob. “Together, award-winning taste and uncompromising purity presented in the most sustainable package is a powerful marketing tool that is today boosting our sales and our message for a better planet.”

For Robert, there are bright days ahead but still much to do as the company strives towards planting 2 million trees and is on target to cleaning 3000 miles of beaches from plastic waste. “It is a great new day for sustainability – as we say on the carton – this pack is refillable, reusable and recyclable. Our customer base is also increasing and attracting the attention of the younger generations, which is critical – as Millennials and Gen Z’s are the drivers for the future of our planet’s resources.

Boxed Water is Better® is considered the leading water brand in sustainable packaging and is viewing growth worldwide. “We’re open to new countries or territories and are exploring licensing opportunities that leverage ten years of brand-building. We’ve taken a hard line with knock-offs and want to take advantage of our strong brand name.” says Rob Koenen.

“With President Biden now bringing back a close focus on the global threats of climate change, and the UN Climate week dedicating a whole week to plastic waste – we are in a great position to champion the carton. Our message to the industry is – don’t be like AOL or a Palm Pilot – catch up or get left behind,” warns Rob Koenen.