Nature in its purest form – Agua de Somiedo launches in responsible packaging

New Spanish packaged water company Agua de Somiedo is committed to protecting the planet in a responsible and innovative way. The entrepreneurial business launched its first natural mineral water product in March 2021, in a carbon neutral gable top carton made from 91% plant origin materials.

The mineral water is sourced from the Fuente del Oso spring in the Somiedo Biosphere Reserve Park, the natural habitat of the great brown bear. Agua de Somiedo calls it water ‘Nature in its purest form’ and therefore looked for a package that is made responsibly with sustainable materials and carbon neutral manufacturing.

Working in partnership with Elopak, Agua de Somiedo is launched in 500ml, 1 litre and 2 litre Classic Pure-Pak® cartons with a cap made from renewable materials. Agua’s sustainability goals are fully aligned with Elopak’s offering. Both companies believe in attractive and sustainable packaging, and by providing Agua de Somiedo with a carton made from 91% of plant origin materials with carbon neutral certification has enabled them to change the rules of the game for the packaged water market.