Rørosmeieriet and Elopak have a shared vision for sustainability

Rørosmeieriet was the first Norwegian customer to choose our Pure-Pak® cartons made with Natural Brown Board. The rustic, natural look of the carton coupled with its reduced carbon footprint meant it was the perfect fit for the dairy’s range of sustainably sourced, organic milk products.

In harmony with nature
Since it was founded in 2001, Rørosmeieriet has made a big impact on the Norwegian food sector as producers of high quality, traditional dairy products that are sustainably sourced.

The dairy was among the first companies in Norway to receive a ‘Geografisk beskytta betegnelse’ (geographically protected designation) label, as part of a scheme by the Norwegian Food Foundation to authenticate and promote traditional food production.

In 2016, Rørosmeieriet further lived up to its values by becoming the first dairy in Norway to package its products in Pure-Pak® cartons made from only renewable materials.

From April 2023, Rørosmeieriet will feature in a film produced for Elopak by BBC Storyworks Commercial Productions as part of a new series entitled Food for Thought. In the film, Rørosmeieriet CEO Trond Wilhelm Lund explains how the company’s values led them to select Pure-Pak®cartons made with Natural Brown Board.

We want to develop Rørosmeieriet every day in harmony with nature with our aim to be Norway’s premier organic dairy. So, when Elopak wants to take steps in the right direction, Rørosmeieriet wants to be part of that.

Trond Vilhelm Lund, CEO Rørosmeieriet

A good sustainability match
In addition to living up to the values the company set itself, Lund wants Rørosmeieriet to set an example for other dairies in Norway to follow.

As market leaders and innovators, we want to be copied for the good solutions we provide because then we know we have pushed new developments in the right direction going forward.

Trond Vilhelm Lund, CEO Rørosmeieriet

Sustainability is at the core of Rørosmeieriet’s business. This makes it an ideal match with Elopak, which views its mission as leaving customers’ products unchanged and the world unharmed.

Pure-Pak® cartons made with Natural Brown Board are a particularly sustainable packaging solution because the brown, unbleached paperboard fibres are stronger than conventional white paperboard. This means that less board is needed per carton, reducing the CO2 emissions generated in production.

About Rørosmeieriet
Rørosmeieriet was established on January 5, 2001 to continue operating the plant formerly owned by TINE Central Norway Røros. Rørosmeieriet offers organic food of high quality through industrialized handicraft production. The company’s model is based on rich traditions and good raw ingredients and materials from the Røros area.