Freshways launches LoveMilk brand in cartons

In response to concerns regarding plastic waste, the new brand is launching LoveMilk in 1 Litre, 500ml, and 1 pint Pure-Pak® cartons with the new tethered cap – and is rolling out for the food service and wholesale sectors.

Freshways supplies fresh high-quality milk, cream, yoghurt and cheese to wholesalers, cafes, hotels, retailers, and bakeries. For the UK’s largest independent dairy, the new low carbon pack provides 70% less plastic*, improved transport efficiencies and is recyclable where infrastructure is in place. The new tethered cap solution is designed so that the cap remains attached to the carton throughout its lifecycle, reducing the risk of littering. Elopak launched the new cap in 2022 ahead of legal EU requirements that come into effect in July 2024.

“We opted for the new caps because we believe that the tethered closures will help reduce chances of littering. Plastic bottle caps are amongst the most common waste ending up on beaches and inevitably in oceans. Plus, the new cap complies with the EU’s Single-Use Plastic Directive ahead of its deadline in 2024. Although not mandatory in the UK, we believe the Directive is important because it is introduced as part of efforts to reduce the impact of certain plastic products in the environment and tackle plastic littering.”

Arun Nijjar, Head of Marketing at Freshways

Reduce plastic waste
The tethered closure ensures the cap and carton are recycled together throughout their lifecycle, reducing the risk of littering in the environment.
For Freshways, its partnership with Elopak was very important for this milestone.

“By conducting and sharing primary market research with us, Elopak educated us on the consumers view which helped us understand that they are becoming more concerned with plastic waste in general as well as keeping our oceans clean,” adds Arun Nijjar.

With an average of 15 plastic caps and lids found per 100m of UK beaches**, Freshways’ adoption of the Pure-Pak® carton displays their commitment to reducing plastic and offering consumers the choice to reduce their plastic footprint with a low carbon solution.

“It is our responsibility as a major dairy supplier to the UK to help reduce the damage to the environment from plastic waste, and with the support of Elopak we will do this one milk carton at a time. Love milk and Love the planet,”

Bali Nijjar, Managing Director of Freshways.

*Compared to average equivalent HDPE bottles

**Marine Conservation Society 2022 Great British Beach Clean: Great British Beach Clean 2022 Results | Marine Conservation Society (