Luoro reaches new markets and launches more products in D-PAK™ cartons 

This year Luoro introduces its Paperdent mouthwash in D-PAK™ cartons to the Benelux and Italy markets and expands its ‘plain b’ hand soap in D-PAK™ cartons with two new variants in Germany.  

The manufacturer and supplier of sustainable products in the personal care and beauty, and household cleaning sectors, Luoro, has set itself the goal of removing plastic waste as far as possible with a range of sustainably innovative products. The Cologne based company launched the first Paperdent mouthwash in D-PAK™ cartons across retailers in Germany and Austria in May 2023. A second variant followed only three months later when Paperdent ‘Mild Herbs’ mouthwash was introduced.  

Paperdent mouthwash travels to Benelux and Italy 

The first ‘plain b’ hand soap refill in D-PAK™ cartons was launched last November in Germany. Now, Luoro is adding two new variants to the ‘plain b’ range and making its Paperdent mouthwash available to more consumers by launching in Benelux and Italy.  

“Our aim with Paperdent is to make sustainable consumption available to everyone at a fair price,”

Dr Louis Bahlmann, dentist and co-founder of Luoro.

“For us, this includes establishing Paperdent in other European markets where sustainable and responsible consumption is already well established in the retail market and within the customers. Particularly in the Benelux countries and Italy, we have filled all the checkboxes for this with both customers and retail partners. We are excited that the Paperdent mouthwash in Elopak cartons will soon be available to everyone in these countries.”

Paperdent mouthwash has been available in Germany and Austria, with consumers expressing positive feedback that this is a sustainable alternative to standard mouthwashes in plastic bottles.

Growing the ‘plain b’ family  

Luoro is expanding its D-PAK™ carton family by launching two new ‘plain b’ hand soaps in cartons this May. Joining the apricot plain b hand soap variety launched last year, Luoro unveils two new fragrances, Polarlight and Forest Harmony. Polarlight is a ‘mystical scent of wild berries, musk and vanilla’, and Forrest Harmony is ‘the scent of a fresh morning breeze of green leaves and dew’.  

“Our fiber based cartons are sourced from well managed and certified forests, a natural and renewable raw material. Thanks to their space saving design, they can be transported in larger quantities, reducing CO2 emissions.”

Dr Louis Bahlmann, dentist and co-founder of Luoro.

The Luoro journey continues with D-PAK™ cartons, and following consistent positive consumer response, more products are in the pipeline.