Rørosmeieriet responds to demand for more convenience and less processed foods

Rørosmeieriet, Norway’s only fully organic dairy, has moved into the on-the-go market by introducing its fresh chocolate milk and iced coffee products in 500 ml renewable Pure-Pak® cartons made from unbleached paperboard.

The two new flavored milks were launched in March 2023 by Rørosmeieriet in 1 liter cartons and was the first Elopak customer in Norway to feature the unbleached, natural brown board. This latest launch in smaller cartons in October is in line with market demands for more convenience. It is also the shift in consumer tastes for less processed foods.

More convenience, less processing

The two products are made with natural flavors and are processed as gently as possible using fresh lactose-free milk and no additives. Since it was founded in 2001, Rørosmeieriet has made an impact on Norwegian food sector as leaders in innovative and sustainable solutions whilst maintaining traditional production using regional ingredients and materials. “We are a values-driven organization that is integrated with both tradition and sustainability for organic dairy production – very much in line with our philosophy of ‘In harmony with nature,” says Trond Wilhelm Lund, CEO, Rørosmeieriet.

“Consumers are so much more aware of food processing, additives, and ingredients and how they affect our health. They want less processing but more convenience for out of home healthy options. There is a huge trend for health and self care across all generations, but in particular younger people really look closely at what, when and how they consume products.”

Anna Maalø Jalal, Marketing manager Rørosmeieriet

Entering new segments

“Elopak introduced smaller carton formats and we really liked the half litre grab-and-go carton,” adds Anna Maalø Jalal. “Smaller formats are becoming more popular and enable us to enter into new segments. The half liter cartons were easy to add to our existing lines as the cartons fit with our filling machines and capacities.”

The natural brown board saves on CO2 by not using bleaching chemicals. The cartons are made from renewable materials and all paper board is from responsible managed forests.

“Rørosmeieriet is founded on sustainability. We do not see it as a competitive edge but the way it should be,” explains Anna. “Selecting the most sustainable beverage carton possible is essential for Norway’s only fully organic dairy, but we continue to stress that we don’t take these steps to sell more product, but believe that everyone should be driving more environmental solutions.”