Elopak showcases sustainable solutions at Juice Summit

Elopak CEO Thomas Körmendi today showcased the company’s latest sustainable packaging solutions at the Juice Summit – the leading annual conference for fruit juice executives from all over the world.

Elopak has been working with a number of companies in the juice segment since the mid 90’s.

Körmendi’s presentation opened with a focus on the strengths of beverage cartons as a sustainable packaging solution. He explained how Elopak aims to provide the consumer with the best experience possible, while working systematically to reduce the environmental impact. This dual focus on consumers and planet is at the core of Elopak’s efforts and drives its product portfolio strategy.

During the presentation, Körmendi shared some of the latest evidence demonstrating the environmental credentials of beverage cartons in comparison with the likes of PET and HDPE. He also noted that within the beverage carton segment itself the carbon footprint varies, with relatively recent innovations such as Elopak’s Natural Brown Board cartons offering yet even more sustainable solutions. For a climate proofed solution, Körmendi explained the importance of a holistic approach that minimises the carbon footprint, maximises renewability and promotes circularity.

Addressing the audience, he set out how Elopak supports its customers to deliver the best consumer experience possible and shared examples of how the right packaging can dramatically boost sales. He gave the remarkable example of BraTea. Replacing plastic bottles by a 750 ml, on-the-go Pure-Pak® carton has revitalized the overall Iced Tea category in Germany showing double digit growth.

Highlighting the latest environmentally focused innovations developed by Elopak, Körmendi started with the Natural Brown Board carton launched in 2017, which surpassed one billion units earlier this year. He also discussed the Pure-Pak® Imagine carton that comes without a closure and has 46 % less plastic compared with a regular carton and 10 times less plastic than a PET bottle. He went on to present more recent innovations such as Elopak’s tethered cap solution – the Pure-TwistFlip™, and an aseptic carton without an aluminium layer – the Pure-Pak® eSense carton.

Körmendi closed the presentation by setting out the company’s continued commitment to sustainability in line with its roadmap to 2030. He reiterated Elopak’s aim to go Net Zero as a natural continuation of its carbon neutral approach. “It’s the natural thing to do,” he explained.