Easy opening and safe reclosability are top findings in consumer satisfaction surveys about packaging.

Our closures offer many practical advantages to the end-user and we are continuously developing our offering. All closures are available in a selection of colours to enhance pack design.

Elopak has developed a wide range of convenient and safe closures for fresh, ESL and aseptic cartons. All closures are applied by applicators. The cap applicators are optional and can be fitted to new or existing Elopak filling machine lines and are synchronized with filler speeds.

At Elopak we call our combination of closures and applicators the Pak-Lok® Concept.

Pak-Lok® provides two systems:

  • Elo-Cap for fresh products. Closures under this brand are applied to the carton before filling from the inside with a fully cut hole.
  • Pure-Twist for long life and aseptic products. As these products require full integrity until opening, closures are applied after filling and sealing and are applied from the outside.