Our Responsibility

Our Responsibility

In Elopak we are committed to maintaining high ethical standards in all business operations. We know that the right packaging solutions are an answer to some of the challenges our world is facing. We aim to help our customers deliver quality packaging to the consumers. Protecting our customer’s product and delivering packaging that will not harm the environment is our responsibility.

Our code of conduct and ethical responsibility

Elopak’s Code of Conduct is our commitment as a global organization to always act in accordance with acceptable ethical standards, to always take responsibility for our actions and that the company complies with local laws and regulations.

Our Code of Conduct and Anti Corruption Policy represent a commitment for how to behave towards our employees, communities, customers, environment and other business partners of Elopak.

Elopak Code of Conduct is for everyone - everywhere - everyday!

Link to Elopak Code of Conduct and Anti Corruption Policy

Link to Elopak Global Supplier Code of Conduct

Link to Elopak UK Tax Strategy

If you discover misconduct such as corruption, financial fraud or unethical business behaviour, please let us know early by submitting a report through the on-line Elopak Whistleblower.

Link to Elopak Whistleblower

Our environmental responsibility

Elopak’s organization is working and collaborating in many different projects and in all areas of our business – world-wide and cross-functional – to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment, both by products and production.

Our environmental vision

Science Based Targes in Elopak