E-PS120A aseptic products

This aseptic filling machine meets all market requirements and offers unprecedented performance. The E-PS120A sets new standards in the market and ensures fully aseptic filling technology: from the loading area to the outfeed belt.

Automatic blank loading system

• Applicable for any palletizing scheme

• Pallet change every 90 minutes

• Reduced manual work for the machine operator 

• Automatic inspection by 2D barcode reader

• Innovative opening mechanism: less fibers, no dust 

Blanks Feeding

• Semi-automatic blanks feeding 

• One control loading station 

• Storage of 4,000 blanks in total 

• 20 min. of buffer capacity

Blanks Wheel

• No external cap applicator needed

• Inside cap application

• Cap-welding with ultrasonic energy

Bottom Mandrel

• Improved bottom folding

• Shorter sealing time

• Optimized energy consumption

Chain Unit

• Blanks double folding

• Pocket design for reliable carton transport

Aseptic Chamber

• Small aseptic chamber design

• Fully aseptic performance with well proven H2O2 35 % vapor sterilization system

• Accurate filling 

• Controlled sealing properties 

• Improved energy consumption

• Inductive top sealing 

• Automatic cleaning


Outfeed Conveyor

• Upright carton transport 

• Ejection of wrongly filled cartons