Printing techniques for blanks

Printing techniques for blanks

Elopak works with four printing techniques for blanks: Standard Flexo Printing, Super Flexo Printing, UV-Flexo printing and Offset Litho Printing.

Standard Flexo Printing
Standard flexography is a highly efficient printing method for carton blanks. It is mostly used for designs containing large solid areas of pure colours, bold and sans-serif typefaces and motives where colour-to-colour register accuracy is not decisive.

Super Flexo Printing
Through continuous investment in new generation, high-quality, up to eight-colour printing machines, Elopak’s flexo print quality and efficiency has improved significantly. Super flexo is ideal for designs that require more accurate colour registration and 4-colour illustrations with limited image resolution.

UV-Flexo Printing
Due to use of UV curable printing inks and fixed printing ink colours, (EloChrome) this process offers significant advantages compared to any other printing process.

The highest quality state-of-the-art printing machines, printing inks, in-house reproduction and plate making permits excellent reproduction and print accuracy for the printing of high resolution, glossy tones, images, lines and fine types on our substrates.

UV Flexo printing is suitable for a wide range of image complexity and provides, besides excellent print quality, good ink resistance properties and important environmental, health, safety and production flexibility advantages.

High resolution, high contrast photographic motives, tones and solids can be reproduced using process printing ink colours or in EloChrome multi-colour printing for the larger colour gamut without limitation.

Offset Litho Printing
Elopak offers offset printing for high print quality demands (limited to North American markets). Offset allows reproduction and printing of solids, photographic images and fine screen rulings.

Our sophisticated offset printing machines are equipped with the latest technology. This includes UV ink curing which enables high-quality printing on PE coated board for our blanks.

Offset litho print is suitable for photographic motives in 4-colour process printing and designs requiring reproduction of details and gradations. 4-colour process printing can be combined with a maximum of two spot colours.