Technical Training

Technical Training

Elopak provides professional technical training to customers and their staff. Our Technical Training courses provide the skills needed to operate Elopak filling equipment both safely and cost-effectively.

Matching Elopak filling equipment with professionally trained staff provides you with the operational performance required to ensure equipment uptime, line efficiency and minimum cost per filled carton.

Elopak instructors use proven and effective training methods to provide the best mix of theoretical and hands-on training:

Operator Courses; includes a range of training courses for operators of filling equipment. Courses typically take place at customer sites and consist of a mix of modules meeting the specific needs of each customer company. Dependent on machine availability, Elopak can also provide operator training in some of our facilities worldwide.

ELOPAK Certification; is available for many operational areas in order to ensure that our customers have a verified level of competences and skills. Regulatory and contractual obligations in many cases require verified competence and skill levels to be able to supply the level of service needed for Elopak products. Certifications include theoretical and practical tests, and successful candidates receive a proof of certification. Elopak also keeps a register of certified individuals. In order to stay updated, certified personnel will need to go through a renewal process every three years.

Technical Traning Courses; are specific courses available for technicians and maintenance staff who maintain Elopak process filling and distribution equipment.

Technical Workshop Courses; include various types of courses and are focused on a deeper technical understanding of specific topics related to Elopak filling machines.

Machine Installations; consist of tailor-made training for new installations and new personnel, providing staff with the correct knowledge and skills. Elopak delivers this training on site, in local Elopak Market Unit centers, or in the Elopak test center in Norway. The training enables our operators to reach optimum production performance.

For more information and technical training planning, please contact us.